Fri Form was founded in the early sixties of Count and Countess Stackelberg on

Stensnäs castle outside Västervik. Together they ran the company, she was the

creative designer and he as a designer. The foundation for Fri Forms genuine

and exclusive terrace furniture is still, after more than forty years, Elsa

Stackelbergs classic design.


In the early nineties, the company was taken over by the family Gustafsson and

the company was moved to Halmstad. The family's ambition is to give

quality-conscious furniture lover something for both the body and the eye.

Fri Forms classic furniture is not only elegant utility furniture but also

an ornament for the garden, terrace or porch.


The Fri Forms collection is characterized by high quality, thoughtful details and

well-tuned colors on cushions and umbrellas. The design is tight and simple, cleaned

from unnecessary details and therefore classical and stylish. Furniture to love and

complement for several generations.